About the Straßenverkehrsgenossenschaft
Founded in 1887 with 18 members in Nuremberg, SVG Bayern today has around 6000 members. The main services are the procurement of insurance, support in the field of occupational safety, toll and tank service cards as well as the training and further education of professional drivers. The new office and administration building is located in the Georg-Brauchle-Ring in Munich and also houses training rooms and a driving school.
Full front

The main facade of the building complex.

Main Axis

The main axis through the property.


The entrance area with the surrounding greenery.

Noise barrier

This is the noise barrier at the end of the site facing Georg-Brauchle-Ring.

Architecture Studio
Architekturbüro Vogt
IBF Ingenieure
Metallbau Wölz GmbH
Photography and Post Production
Sebastian Scharnagl
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