Campaing’s main motif. A pen in front of a colored background

Campaign’s main image: Perspective view

Close-up of the pen’s nib

Detail: The historic Kaweco nib

The opened and closed pen side by side.

Function image: Pens opened and closed.

About the Project
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a free project in which I have combined the cool design of the Kaweco Sport with many bright colors. It is a tribute to the beautiful design made by Kaweco, producing fountain pens since 1883.
I carry one with me most of the time to take my notes on all the things that move me.  They're small and light, and they let you write effortlessly.
MOre Details and Magnifications
The difficulty with this project lay in the short distances to the motif. These are images that achieve their sharpness via focus stacking. With over 50 megapixels, the images are sufficient for all types of print and display advertising. 
The careful image processing at 16 bit, with preservation of all tonal values, makes these motifs also works of art that shine as fine-art-prints. These were in most parts lit with colored gradients on the screen of my iPhone 6S.
Photos were taken with a Nikon Z7 and the 60mm and 105mm Micro Nikkor lenses.
Processed using Helicon Focus, own software written in processing, and Photoshop CC.
Detail of the label on the pen’s side

Detail of the campaign’s main image: Side print

Detail of the gold company emblem on the top of the pen.

Detail of the campaign’s main image: Top emblem

Magnification of the front of one pen

Detail of the function image: Tip of the Kaweco Classic Sport

Magnification of the label on the side

Detail of the function image: Print on the side

Magnification of the tip

Magnification of the detail picture

Further magnification of the tip

Further magnification of the detail picture

I am not in a contractual relationship with Kaweco, nor was this project commissioned by Kaweco.
This is just a fan project.
Copyright © 2019 by Sebastian Scharnagl. Not to be used without written permission.

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